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ASL Reviews - 5 Little Monkeys Mattress Review

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

These are always so fun to do. I only have about an hour to complete each video, so I always want to do them at least five more times for them to be perfect.

My approach to these is to always watch them once straight through. Just take it all in as a viewer. Afterward, I think about what I just saw, what stuck out to me, and what are some issues I might have. Then I watch it again and write down any nouns, noting if a section is too fast, or a potential translation problem.

The third time I play it I record it, and if nothing goes wrong with the equipment, I keep it as is, even if there are some mistakes. My reason for this is that I will always find something that needs to be better, so I just have to learn to take it as is and I use this to exercise that compulsion. I then send the interpreted video back to ASL reviews for their final edit and force myself to let it go. It is cathartic.

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