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So Satisfying!

We have been interpreting the Satisfaction Factor Podcast for the past few weeks for several reasons. First, and most simply, for some for deliberate practice. Work has changed for me since Covid, so I needed a project to work on where I can assess my work, develop my craft, and feel like myself again. At the same time, I wanted to be held accountable. Therefore, I thought using this podcast and making it public would raise the personal stakes. All the while, making it accessible, supporting a friend and, a movement.

I consider myself an intuitive eater, which is a strange thing to say because as you will learn from episode two it really means so much, so that label isn't really satisfying. (If you are interested in the coaching I have done, check out:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Also for fellow hearing interpreters, we have an After - Cast for your viewing (we will do some in ASL too). In the After-Cast, we show our preconference / prep and then our post-assignment self assessment and debriefing. Chex and I are Intergraded model of, interpreting (IMI) practitioners and that is the approach we take to our discussions, teaching, and mentoring. To learn more about the IMI please check out

Here is a preview of the After -Cast:

You can view the full episode on the site, free for members.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments here or on the member group board.

Thanks for watching!


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