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ASL Songs

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Lori here again, I am not the kind of interpreter that does a lot of song interpretations. I had to do one as my senior projector and complained about it every step of the way. I thought it was audist. When we got to the end of the assignment where the whole class had to their songs to the whole program and college. I remember being traumatized by that experience/ performance. However, afterward, on the way home from campus, it was over an hour drive, I was listening to the radio and I realized I was listing to the songs differently. I was playing with meaning and finding ways around the form, it was actually challenging and fun.

So, in true Lori fashion, I decided to do the assignment again, but in my own way with friends. Check out the events page for or fourth midways-summer (but really fifth) ASL Song challenge, which should start mid-summer 2022.

One of my favorite song interpretations was one I did right before the challenge. Sia had just released a new song and everyone was mimicking her videos, so my husband and I thought it would be fun to do one.

The best part is that she liked and shared my video <3


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