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The Body of Our Work Group

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This group space is created specially and privately for participants of the Body Positivity Workshops, all cohorts, and programs. It's a place for you to stay connected, ask questions, and continue discussions.

Naomi Kats, Lori Civello, and Chelse Cahilly are administrators of this group and will be here to support you on your learning journey.

You can also message us/ chat with us directly on the site. We will post coaching opportunities here too, but just in case you might want to follow for the latest and most current events and classes regarding Intuitive Eating/wellness coaching.

Please help us foster an environment that is respectful and brave of one another. Let's also make sure to not talk about specific body-related numbers or potentially harmful or triggering behaviors. Use your best judgment.

This will be a mixed cultural language group. You can post comments in a video or text format, but be mindful of preventing communication barriers. Remember, English is not the dominant or first language for many participants of this group, despite it being the most shared modality. There will be spelling errors and syntax errors. don't fuss over form, stick to the meanings, and let people express themselves the best they can not worry about judgment or ridicule. Linguisticism of any kind will not be tolerated in this space.

Group Rules

Respect one another

Everyone has a different point of view so feel free to respectfully disagree. Please be kind and courteous at all times.

Be respectful of others’ privacy

Being in this group depends on our trust of one another. Some discussions may be sensitive or contain sensitive information, so what’s said in the group should stay in the group.

Copyright infringement and trademark

When sharing others people’s posts, images and other content, do not infringe on their copyright or claim other people’s materials as your own.

No Evaluative Language

When commenting to peers aim not to use evaluative and judgmental language. Be clear and factual. Make it about the work at that moment and never about the person.

There is No Perfect Here

We are IMI Practitioners and this is just another sandbox for us. Come, play, learn, share and discuss, but do not expect perfection from us, or yourself. Be kind have fun in this brave learning space


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  • July 23, 2022


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