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Aug 1, 2023 - Aug 29, 2023

ASL Song Challenge Five (2.5 CEU) August 2023

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Join us and challenge yourself with this 6-week session! Each week you will be challenged to create (and privately share) a song interpretation. You will have a "fitness" coach and a workout group to assist you through your translations and weekly challenges. There will also be weekly discussions with the full group, and "feedback" on the presentation. ~~~ One of the biggest challenges with English - ASL interpreting is managing being controlled and pressured by the English and the desire to keep it in its original form. This challenge is designed to help you practice "liberating the message from the form" (Colonomos, 2022) by testing you in the most fun and entertaining way possible. The poetry of song lyrics gives us the liberty of creation, and the music guides us in the affect and rhythm of a message. #ASLSongChallenge5 2.5 CEUs GS (Professional Studies) Provided by GARID Required: Tuesday night EST 7:00-9:00 pm weekly live group "weigh-ins" (8/1/23, 8/8/23, 8/15/23, 8/22/23 & Final weigh in 8/29/23) Sunday night 11:59 pm Weekly Video Flex due. Registration for the event closes on 7/25/23

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ASL Song Challenge Five (2.5 CEU)

ASL Song Challenge Five (2.5 CEU)

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